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The Great Flood of 2020!

The Great Flood of 2020!

Well, what can we say. The pictures really say it all. In a matter of 2 hours, the business premises were destroyed by the sheer volume of rain water that fell.

We will be closed now for sometime, but we will come back with the determination that has made JC's so successful.

We have been truly moved with all the messages of support, it means so much to us.

John and the team will be working hard to get us back as soon as possible and Cassie in on hand "electronically" to ensure we will be ready as soon as humanly possible.

Johnny suffered no ill effects from his sewage swim, but has yet to collect his "dare" money! Munchie is also fine after her near death experience. 

When we figure out how to update the web pages, we'll put up messages and information, and we will continually post on Facebook to keep everyone informed! 

Much Love John and the team!

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