Motorcycle Accident Management

Why you should choose JC Motorcycles to repair your bike if an accident was not your fault.


Even in the event of a no fault accident, your insurance company will ask you to pay your excess. This amount will be deducted from the final repair bill, or the cost of replacing your bike. This means that a third party could be entirely responsible, and you will still end up paying the value of your excess.
How much is your excess?

By allowing JC Motorcycles to arrange your repairs, you will have no need to pay your excess.


If your helmet was damaged in the accident, you will have to pay for its replacement up front. The cost of the helmet is then claimed back down the line. Some cases can go on for a long time. You will not see this money back until the case is resolved.

How much was your helmet?

JC Motorcycles will replace your helmet like for like, with no upfront cost to you. This will allow you safely back on the road, without any unplanned expenditure.


Your insurance company is likely to register the accident as a claim, even if you are not at fault. This can affect your no claims bonus. Even having your bike knocked over will affect motor vehicle insurance quotes, if you claim through your own insurance.

Why should your premiums be affected by the actions of a third party?

You may have to report the incident as part of your policy, however, you are not obliged to make a claim if the accident is not your fault.


Even if you are inclined to use your insurance company, it is highly likely that your claim will be sold to a third party accident management company anyway! The simple truth is that many of these companies do not have your best interests at heart. In particular, they are keen to write off bikes and then auction them for profit.

Why not keep your motorcycle safe, and allow JC motorcycles to drive the storage, repairs and salvage if required?

At JC Motorcycles, we are bike orientated. We are motorcycle enthusiasts and will ensure that your bike never leaves the workshop. You will be in control of the situation throughout the whole process. If your bike is written off as a CAT C or CAT D you will be offered the salvage in the first instance. This will allow you the choice of repairing or breaking the bike yourself. This means that you can retain any expensive after-market parts you may have purchased. We have seen many bikes disappear into the system when customers have allowed their insurance companies to take over.


After a no fault accident JC Motorcycles can offer you:

  • Motorcycle recovery

  • A suitable hire bike while your bike is being repaired

  • Legal representation

  • A like for like replacement crash helmet

  • Medical checks

  • Cover for legal expenses if required

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