Motorcycle Service and Repair centre in Devon

Why choose JC Motorcycles?

We approach every job with the care and professionalism you would expect from someone who is working on your pride and joy. You are more than just a number to our business. You are our business.

Main motorcycle dealers often charge premium prices for jobs that can be done far cheaper at your local motorcycle garage. If you are searching for motorcycle dealers in Plymouth, Torpoint, Saltash and Ivybridge, Devon, then JC Motorcycles may be able to help you. We provide the following services for motorcyclists:

Need your motorcycle, moped or scooter serviced?

JC Motorcycles undertake maintenance and repairs for most makes of motorcycle. Our qualified staff have a wealth of experience between them. Whatever bike you ride, we are committed to providing you the best service.

Motorcycle MOT, Plymouth and Devon

We offer a full MOT service including bike collection if required.

You can book your MOT online here

Classic bike restoration

We love classic bikes. Whatever project you have planned, we can work with you to restore your machine. Do you have an old Honda C90 that you want to restore? We will help.

Maybe you prefer the old British motorcycles. We can rebuild or restore Triumphs, Nortons, BSA and everything in-between.

Classic Japanese motorcycles are also becoming very sought after. We can find classic Japanese motorcycle parts for sale, and turn your barn find into a concourse show winner. Do you have a Honda CB550fourK, CB750, Kawasaki Z900, Z1000, Yamaha RD250, Yamaha RD350, Suzuki GSXR? Well why not drop by and discuss your rebuild/restoration.

All makes and models of classic motorcycle can be catered for. (Parts depending).

Motorcycle Track Day Conversion

Do you like to ride on track days?

JC Motorcycles can prepare your road bike for a track day. If you want a temporary change then we can swap your original road plastics for race fairings, fit track day tyres (Wets or slicks) remove your baffles, mirrors and rear sets, change your engine oil and brake fluids, and check your bike over.

If you are looking for a permanent change, then we can work with you to convert your road bike into a fully loaded race bike. We will work with your budget and vision to convert any road bike into a suitable track day machine. With our collection and delivery service you need not worry about getting the bike back home!

Drop in for a chat, or email us here

Motorcycle accident repair

Unfortunately accidents do sometimes happen. If a bike ends up on the floor, then there will be bits that need fixing.

What to do in the event of a motorcycle accident

  • Switch off the engine immediately, or as soon as you possibly can

  • Call the emergency services, or have someone else call them. Even if you think you are OK, ALWAYS call the police to the scene. You could prejudice a future claim if you don’t. Often adrenaline will make you feel like you are OK even if you are not. It will also affect your thinking process. It is almost impossible to make a claim after the event, if you have left the scene without collecting all the necessary details.

  • If you are able to do so, take photos of the scene, including the position of your bike, skid marks and the position of other vehicles involved. If you are hurt, stay still and ask someone else to this for you.

  • Collect details of other vehicles and their drivers/riders. Make sure you get vehicle registration numbers in full, names and addresses.

  • If you are injured, or your bike is damaged. SIT STILL jumping on your bike and riding away without proper checks of both yourself and you machine could end up in a further crash, or more injuries to yourself an other people.

IMPORTANT: If you are able, arrange your own recovery and do it immediately. We have seen many customers lose their motorcycles by allowing them to be taken away by their insurance companies, never to be seen again.

JC Motorcycles offer a recovery service. We also work with other Plymouth and Devon recovery services. If a recovery agent is allocated for you, INSIST that the bike is delivered to us. Check what you are signing before allowing your bike to be taken away. JC Motorcycles will make sure that your motorcycle stays with us until you are able to deal with the situation.

If the accident was not your fault click here

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