Michelin Tyres & JC Motorcycles

JC Motorcycles are pleased to partner with Michelin Tyres to provide reliable, durable tyres and excellent customer service.

Michelin is probably the most famous name in the world for tyres. Founded in 1884, they invented the first removable pneumatic tyre and the foam filled wheel, forerunner of the run-flat tyre. In 1946 they also developed that game-changing invention, the radial tyre.

Used everywhere from Formula One racing cars to space shuttles, motor cars and cycles, Michelin pride themselves on their constant innovation when it comes to tyre development, grip and safety.

Michelin Tyres provide excellent traction, especially when it comes to wet roads because of its Progressive Sipe Technology. (PST) Thin slits across the tyre improve grip, expanding as they hit the tarmac and sucking in water, creating a firmer grip with the road.

JC Motorcycles offer two types of Michelin Tyres designed especially with motorcycle and scooters in mind.

Michelin Road 5 Wet Grip Tyres

If you ride your motorbike in all weathers, this is the tyre for you.

What makes the Michelin Road 5 different?

Unlike most tyre manufacturers, Michelin don’t mix compounds to create an all-weather tyre. Instead they use the best wet grip compound for the middle of the tyres and the best dry grip compound on the edges, giving you maximum security in the rain and excellent feel on dry roads. From a riders perspective this makes total sense. When you are riding in the wet, it is natural to have a less aggressive technique. The centre of the tyre will naturally do all of the work. On dry days, when you are leaning into corners harder, and working closer the edge of the tyre, the softer compound will have more grip.

See the Michelin Road 5 in Action…

What tyre technology makes the Road 5 so effective?

Michelin tyres perform better, for longer.

The innovative centre trough, which gets wider as the groove gets deeper, means the tyre still shifts more water away than the average tyre, even after it has worn down.
Michelin also give the tyre shoulders varying degrees of rigidity by using ACT+ (Adaptive Casing Technology) to create greater stability, both on a straight line and cornering.

Superior grip, superior safety, and long-lasting. What more could you ask for?

Michelin City Grip

The first scooter tyres with SIPES, our enhanced grip system. Michelin City Grip are the preferred choice of tyre by most major scooter manufacturers. Hard-wearing and long-lasting, they are ideal for everyday motorcycle or scooter use. They grip brilliantly in the rain and absorb extra bumps like manhole covers.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the Michelin City Grip can be used on most motorbikes, 125 cc and large wheeled scooters.

Michelin City Grip Winter Tyres

Provide the extra comfort and grip you need on snow or wet surfaces. The multiple SIPES design cuts through excess water and ensures effective braking even in challenging conditions, for improved security and safety.

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Other tyre brands are available if you have a preferance.

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