Motorcycle Finance

Want to pay for your new motorcycle or scooter in installments? JC Motorcycles can finance new motorcycles and scooters with HP (hire purchase) agreements arranged through Black Horse.

What is Hire Purchase?

HP (or Hire Purchase) agreements allow you to put down an initial deposit, then pay an affordable amount each month over a fixed length of time. At the end of the contract, pay a final fee to own the bike outright.

HP is similar to taking out a personal loan, but with two differences. Firstly, you only own the motorcycle once you have made all the payments. Secondly, the debt is secured against the motorcycle, meaning the finance company could take back the motorcycle if you don’t keep up monthly repayments, but also that a Hire Purchase agreement is easier to get than a personal loan.

Who are Black Horse Finance?

Black Horse are part of the Lloyds Banking Group and have been helping people buy motorcycles and scooters since 2001. They provide affordable and straightforward finance deals by working directly with a network of five thousand dealers, such as JC Motorcycles.

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What does it take to have hire purchase finance accepted?

JC Motorcycles will talk through the options and create a payment plan that suits you. You will be registered with the Black Horse Online Service and be able to manage your account electronically.

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Interest is set to 0% as a default. Check with us to find out your rate.Call in, or email for a test ride today.

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